Our Team

David Strait
President & Senior Consultant

David Strait is a known expert in all types of food certification standards, quality management systems, and regulatory compliance, with a wide and varied background in the food industry. Prior to entering consulting full time, David worked as a manager in a variety of industry sectors, holding the positions of Plant Manager, Production Manager, and Quality Assurance Manager, giving him a practical understanding of plant operations and personnel and the realities of effecting meaningful change in an organization.

David is also an experienced Auditor. He has conducted HACCP, GMP, GAP, and USDA Organic audits with several nationally recognized certification bodies. In addition, he is a licensed SQF Auditor, and continues to maintain his auditor license. David is a Food Safety Trainer and is known to give thoughtful and engaging training courses which not only meet training requirements for the various standards but also are effective in giving students a solid and practical understanding of the material. He is a certified trainer for the International HACCP Alliance, AFDO Seafood HACCP Course, and the accredited Implementing SQF Systems course. He has also developed his own training courses for in-house employee and manager training.

David founded Strait Consulting Services, Inc. in New York City in 2009, in order to help small to mid-sized companies develop practical and effective quality management systems, and to achieve and maintain food certifications. Since then SCS has expanded its services and its staff and is well-positioned to continue providing a breadth of effective and high-quality professional services to our clients.


Johanna Vera
Associate Consultant

As an Associate Consultant for Strait Consulting Services, Inc., Johanna is popular with our clients for her pleasant yet no-nonsense approach to implementing systems and complying with standards. Johanna gives practical, hands-on guidance helping clients in a way that is user-friendly and easy to understand. Fluent in English and Spanish, she is an excellent trainer and conducts regular on-site employee training sessions in all food safety topics. With a degree in Mathematics & Computer Science from State University of New York at Purchase, she also has a background in the food industry, working as the Food Safety Manager in a plant which was regulated by the USDA and FDA as well as being certified to GMP and SQF standards.

Kelly Soto

Office Administrative Assistant

A key player making things happen behind the scenes at Strait Consulting Services, Inc. Kelly assists with the day-to-day work flow of the company by wearing many hats. She is part training planner, account scheduling, accounts payable, social media, and anything else she can be to help keep Strait Consulting Services, Inc. running efficiently and smoothly.